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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


Wowza - Minnow + Co goes live! Thank you a whole bushel and a peck for reading this! Now, let's talk twinkle...

I'll be the first to admit that designing an event can be daunting.  Theme, colors, location, guest list, food, budget, decorations, logistics, on-site problem solving, set-up and strike... it is undoubtedly a handful.  But for folks like me, it's also like letting a kid loose in a toy shop - hellllloooo, giddiness, giggling, and good times.

When it came time to plan my own sweet girl's second birthday party, I think everyone knew I wasn't going to be able to restrain myself.  They all thought I went over the top for her first birthday, and that was BEFORE I made Minnow + Co official and committed to making go out of designing and styling events.  This time around?  Well, yeah, I went a little nuts.  Free to do whatever crazy thing I wanted, like make and string up a few hundred origami stars?  Sure thing.  Create a backdrop using netting and paper stars that wrapped the entire room?  Go for it.  Hand sew felt stars and a moon and suspend them from the ceiling with invisible thread?  Naturally.

We chose the theme of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" because it's the song I've been singing to her while putting her to bed every single night of her whole life. It's the first song she started singing along to with me, and I love that she still asks for it every night.  And now, for the long awaited pictures....









Didn't Enna Grazier of Grazier Photography do a bang up job shooting the party?  She's UH-MAZING.  Both professionally and personally.  If you're in the Dover, NH area and need a kid-friendly location for a party, it doesn't get much better than ChildLight Yoga.  Plus, a heart-felt THANK YOU to Angela Greene and her daughter Winter, and my amazing friend Heidi Hamblett, who does astonishing things with everything she touches. And to my long suffering husband and mom - there wouldn't be a Minnow + Co without you.  You are the best and I owe you more than cupcakes..

A Petal & Gold First Birthday Party

A Petal & Gold First Birthday Party

Well, hello there...