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The Story of Alt Reps. Or, I'm Alt SLC Bound!!!

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Soooo... guess what the best present a girl like me could possibly get a week after Christmas? An invite to head out to Salt Lake City for Alt Summit to join the team as an Alt Representative. No kidding - this might be the best present I've gotten all year.

It all started with Alt Summit NYC last June. While there, I was super lucky to hook up with MJ of Pars Caeli, Emily of Trouvé Magazine, Paige of Approaching Joy, Theresa of InspirationCOOP, and Sarah of Sarah Hearts. These girls welcomed me, explored with me, giggled with giddy glee with me, and witnessed me geeking out more than a couple times when someone AH-MAZING walked by me. I was all saucer eyes and mouth agape, not even kidding. Luckily, I recover quickly and managed to make enough conversation with these power pals to form a lasting bond.

A few weeks after we got back from Alt NYC, after the glow and the glitz had worn off and I was just starting to get back to real life, I got an email from MJ. This is a lady with BIG IDEAS, y'all. She had this kernel of an idea and was sweet enough to pull our little group in on it to brainstorm a way to make it a full proposal. After a few weeks of fevered back and forth brainstorming, I wrote up the proposal, did a little wish dance, and hit send.

The reply I got from Gabrielle Blair a week and a half ago (not even joking - when I looked at my inbox and saw that email, there was nothing cool and laid back about the way my heart jumped into my throat) was a request to take us up on a part of our proposal. It was the most unimaginable joy I've felt in a long time. Just as I'd resigned myself to taking a Twitter sabbatical for the duration of January to avoid becoming INSANELY jealous of all those in my feed who were Alt-bound, all of a sudden, I was booking a ticket and SCRAMBLING to get my business cards, Alt outfits, and other assorted details in order. I still have no clue what I'm wearing for half of the conference, but I'll be there, and I get to be there with some of the coolest girls I know - MJ, Emily and Paige. If you want to hear more of our story, check out MJ's post, and Paige's story, too. Emily did a brilliant, beautiful thing to pay for her airfare to SLC - she held a painting-a-day series and sold each one off at noon each day this week. Can I tell you how much I wanted to buy every single one of those paintings?

I'm headed to Alt SLC with the same goal as I took to Alt NYC - to be as authentically, genuinely myself as possible, absurdly excited hand gestures and giddy overreaction to meeting my heros included. I'm going to make as many new friends as I can and meet some online pals in real life for the first time. I'm going to breathe further life into the idea I had three years ago that I could build the dream job I'd never found before and launched Minnow + Co. I'm going to keep on HUSTLING. Alt NYC is where I finally felt like I found my tribe. Alt SLC is going to be where I keep on introducing myself, learning as much as I can, and soaking up as much brilliance by osmosis as I possibly can in four days.

So, if you're going to Alt SLC, when you walk in and see some girl with short dark hair waving at you excitedly like you're a long lost best pal....that's me. I really am THAT excited to meet you and hear your story. I really do want to help you get settled, find out where you're supposed to be, and giggle for a moment about the gorgeous spaces I'm sure Alt has in store for us.

Alt NYC was life-changing for me. I am honored to be a part of the Alt Summit team for this brief moment, and I cannot wait to see what Alt SLC has in store for all of us...


PS - follow our Alt antics by keeping tabs on us: #altrep.

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