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Tattoos + Caffeine + A Thirty-Something Mom...

Tattoos + Caffeine + A Thirty-Something Mom...

Tattoos + Caffeine It's finally feeling like spring in New England. Yesterday was +/- 60 degrees, but that could have been a fluke. But it's currently 71 degrees out, it's going to be above 60 degrees all weekend and on Monday, we're supposed to hit 75 degrees. (!!!!!!!!!!!) Why do you care about the boring weather in New England? You probably don't. But after shivering through the POLAR VORTEX (I just feel like that should always be in all caps for proper emphasis) for the past six months, I am basically skipping down the hallways. For a kid whose fingertips turn blue when the thermostat dips below 65 degrees, spring is a big deal.

So, back to the title of this little ditty. Let's talk about tattoos first. My editor at DIY Network asked me to write a post about my tattoos, which went live yesterday. I feel like I'm not a very good poster child for tattoos, being neither hip nor heavily tattooed. But each piece has a story. If you want to read about mine, take a peek: \ Inked: The Unexpected Story of a Tattooed Mom 

Tattoos + Caffeine


Moving on to caffeine... Right around Christmas, I got sorta sick. (I have an autoimmune disease that usually hangs out in remission pretty happily with the help of medication.) It doesn't happen often, but stress plays a pretty big role in how well or poorly I feel. Autoimmune disease = lame, in that way. I'm all for working triple duty, 90 hours a week, but apparently, my body likes to put on the brakes in a big way. A quick pow wow with the MD left me with this sad news: I had to go off of gluten, sugar, dairy.....and caffeine. I'd done it before, back when I was diagnosed and we were trying to figure out what was setting off screaming alarm bells in my body. It's not fun. It's not pretty. I whine. I CRAVE. I cave. I get sick. I behave. I get better. I whine more.

This time, I did pretty well and actually handled it like a grown up. Everything came back under control, all systems went back to normal, and I started to feel very good. So good that a few weeks ago, I thought I could probably add a cup of coffee back into the daily routine.

Nope. Not happening.

Two days after my first cup, I broke out in hives. EVERYWHERE. Neck, ears, eyebrows, cheeks, body, etc. I stubbornly tried to believe it was a fluke, but my husband gently broke it down for me that night: no mas on the coffee. I broke up with coffee back in December, and apparently, this time, it's not taking me back. I've since tried green tea, chai, black tea and it's all the same. So it's not so much coffee that's disowned me, it's caffeine in all forms.

For a night owl who routinely stays up until 2am working, this is heartbreaking news.

Weather, tattoos, and caffeine disowning me. I score points for writing perhaps the most disjointed, oddball post you've read this week. Happy weekend, y'all!.

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