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Moving Out, Cleaning Up

Moving Out, Cleaning Up


I'm not a huge fan of spring cleaning. Really, I'm not a fan of any cleaning. I like organizing and I'll style bookshelves all day long, but the actual hard part of scrubbing, dusting, washing, etc. is just a huge bummer in my book. Don't even get me started on doing the dishes. BUT - there are big changes happening in Minnow-land. Changes that require a significant amount of prep work, heavy lifting, and serious clean up. Yes, we are selling our house. And yes - I'm officially moved into my new studio!!! High fives for a gorgeous, white-from-top-to-bottom, filled-with-natural-light space. It's legit and I'm super lucky.

To get into the new space though, I had to move out of my old one, which was a super glamorous unheated three season porch in our home. Are you guys ready for some SERIOUS ugly?

Get ready....

You have no idea what you're about to see. This is the true behind the scenes peek of a DIY blogger's life. You'd never know it from photos like this that the room I was making those pretty etched birch coasters in looked like this:

Moving Out, Cleaning Up

See? I was not kidding about the ugliness of where I was working. I know, your mind is blown. Here's a few more shots of my "studio" before I started packing up. DISASTER. Moving Out, Cleaning Up

Moving Out, Cleaning Up

Moving Out, Cleaning Up

And now you can start to see the bones of the room, once the crazy assortment of supplies, craft projects, leftover remnants, office materials, etc. are packed up and gone: Moving Out, Cleaning Up

Moving Out, Cleaning UpStill pretty ugly.

And oh, the carpet. It was so gross. Though I was vacuuming often, our old vacuum was WELL past its prime and just wasn't picking up anything other than feathers.Moving Out, Cleaning Up

The whole floor looked like a confetti fairy threw up on it. Ew, I totally just said that. There's your mental image from me for this Friday... But I'm a super lucky girl - the lovely folks at Shark sent me their new high powered vacuum, the Shark Rocket, just in time to help me clean this room up.

Moving Out, Cleaning Up

Moving Out, Cleaning UpNot to mention this guy is going to be a lifesaver when it comes time to clean the rest of the house to get it ready to for showings once we list it. With a toddler, a dog, and cats, we generate a CRAZY mess. Every. Single. Day. The Rocket is insanely powerful - like, jolt you forward and make you work to keep up powerful.Moving Out, Cleaning Up

Moving Out, Cleaning UpDo you see what I see right there? Those are VACUUM LINES ON THE CARPET, people. I haven't had a vacuum work it's weight in so long, I forgot what those looked like....

But now for the good part. The new digs. Let's just take a photo tour. When I first saw the space, the ceiling was black, the walls were "Dover White", (a yellow/cream/beige color only good for casting bad tints in photos), and the floors were a painted cement gray. But the LIGHT. Those windows. I knew this was a gem and I snapped it up. And then I promptly made the management team paint every single square inch a gleaming, pure white. And look at it now: Moving Out, Cleaning Up

So. Flipping. Gorgeous.

Here is one of the most important parts we've gotten set up so far: the Shirley Temple Bar. Moving Out, Cleaning Up

One of the best parts of this space is that I get to share it with my good pal Bridget, who is basically a genius. Lookout, world, there's mischief in the making. Here's our happy clink for our first day in the space:

Moving Out, Cleaning Up

We've got a long way to go setting up the studio, but it's light years galaxies better than the scummy three season porch I've been in for the past two years. You know how you do something without thinking for a long time, and don't really notice much about it until that thing changes and you realize how CRAZY it was that you did that thing for so long like that? Yeah, that's me working in that dark, cold porch. Literally shivering with a space heater under my seat as I crafted up DIY projects. But this is what "work" looks like now: Moving Out, Cleaning Up

Moving Out, Cleaning UpPlenty of room to shoot from multiple angles, HEAT, windows, the whole nine yards. And it's only going to get better from here. I'll have this place ship shape and looking snappy before you know it.

So, what about the sun porch? That baby is going to get its own coat of fresh white paint before we list the house. And until we sell and move on, it's going to be filled with all of the toys that we've been tripping over in the living room for two years. Hooray for new work spaces, and a double hooray for no more Lego foot injuries incurred on midnight bathroom trips.

Happy Friday, folks! And a huge thanks to the lovely people at Shark for helping me clean up my act. And go check out more inspiring spring cleaning tricks from my pals Emily of Beautiful Hello and MJ of Pars Caeli. I'm only four days overdue in getting this post up to join in this little link love party... Oops.

This post is generously sponsored by Shark. While I'm grateful for the Rocket that Shark sent me, the thoughts and opinions in this post are all mine and completely honest. 


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