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A Petal & Gold First Birthday Party

A Petal & Gold First Birthday Party


OK, OK, OK - I'll admit it. I've been eagerly awaiting stalking the opportunity to design a girly explosion of glitter and petal pink. My unbelievably adorable niece Gracie was approaching her first birthday, so I began my campaign for a petal and gold themed party. Luckily, my sister-in-law Rachel was amenable to my idea. With license to pink, gold, and glitter to my heart's content, I unleashed the small part of me that's unabashedly girly and got down to business. I loved putting together this party for so many reason, but the best part of the whole shebang? Seeing Gracie in the pink and gold tutu her amazing mother had custom made for her. When you scroll down, you'll see what I'm talking about - is that girl the cutest thing, or what? BIG props to Rachel and her mom Annie for some stellar baking - I was more than happy to step out of the kitchen and let the two of them handle the eats. And how great is my brother for being such a champ and putting together a whole gaggle of IKEA kid chairs and tables? He only grumbled about it a couple dozen times, but it was good natured grumbling, so I'll still give him the nod...

Happy First Birthday, Gracie!















Look at that puss! Off the charts adorable, RIGHT??? Lucky girl to have such an awesome mama and dada, and the best big brother in the world. And I'm lucky they were all willing to let Minnow + Co glitter bomb their house for 24 hours.  Did you know edible gold dust looks like a mushroom cloud when you accidentally blow a heap of it off the counter? True story..

Made + Remade on DIY Network!

Made + Remade on DIY Network!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star